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Offering the best service is not enough to be a sector leader. We also have to achieve our promises meeting work deadlines!


Bloom Social Media knows that every single company or person is different and that’s why each project or idea will require a personalized and deep study to become unique.

If you are looking for a key element in distinguishing your project or business from your competitors, choose the Online Marketing and Social Media implementation. Make a safe bet, attracting new customers and promoting customer loyalty.

Creating high quality content for your business or project is essential for achieving a good result. Our services are based on sponsored link campaigns, banners, social media marketing and website performance optimization to improve its position in search rankings.

Nowadays, it is vital that our clients get an active and immediate communication channel. There is no worse impression than being inactive. On the internet, as in real life happens, every second counts. Because of that, our Community Management department offers you the chance to leave that task in our hands.

Forget about developing your Online Maketing strategy and communication through internet with your customers! Our team will be in charge of this, so you could stay focus on your work.


As it is said the eyes are the mirror of the soul because they can reveal a lot about oneself. In the same way, in Bloom Social Media we understand that you business card must be a priority so we pay attention even to the smallest detail.

At Bloom Social Media we give an extra value to our clients and take care of our customers’ corporate image and their sites. We are focused on offering a careful and unique design, allowing our customers to edit and maintain their own web content.

Whether you are looking for a website, a blog or an e-commerce, trust our professionals! Our team have years of experience and knowledge in the field of web designing so we can be sure that our results will fulfill your needs.

A good brand positioning can make the difference between success and failure and that’s why we propose the best branding strategies for your company to attract your target audience, being more attractive.


We build websites for your needs. From Wordpress to the most popular and dynamic programming languages used for creating and developing websites such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MSQL.

We evaluate your business needs and we transform them into very competitive products. Thanks to our professional and high qualified team we can build sites and digital platforms that will make your business to stand out from your competitors.


Mobile Apps are increasingly becoming more popular. Nowadays it is not conceived having a business without a website so it will happen the same with those who do not have an App for their company.

That’s why Bloom Social Media counts on the help of an expert team and the resources to develop easy-to-use mobile solutions for phones or tablets.


At Bloom Social Media we carry out jobs about amateur or pro videos with a professional result. If you already have videos but you do not know how they can be edited to become more professional, or if you need to make a spot for your business, we can help you editing your video.

If your needs are focused on inserting on your website corporate material (including logos, corporate images, contact details, etc.) or promoting your products in a e-commerce, we will edit your videos and images to get the expected result.


It is useless having the best website if it is not well positioned because you will not be able to reach your audience.

Through SEO positioning, we apply the appropriate techniques and methods to prioritize your website on web search engines. We get our target using key words on your website or blog as well as employing influencers and actionable tips for getting more traffic to your website.

With SEM positioning we accurately divide into segments the adverts according to the target, monitoring the activity on your site and tracking Google Adwords campaign in every moment.

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